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Shana Barry’s new family album


The Shag Gallery, in conjunction with Shana Barry Music, is excited to announce the release of A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree, a family album of Foferific folk songs about the Fofers.

The multi-colored furry Fofers (rhymes with gophers) live on the special secret island of Fof and enjoy many great adventures. They climb trees into the clouds and ride their bikes on Rollercoaster Road. They row their boats across the bay and explore the forest, meadow and shore, befriending the plants and animals who share their magical island.

Visit, Shana Barry’s new website, to discover this imaginative world of music, art, nature and fun. You can download, for free, printable coloring pages of plants and animals, whimsical paper dolls and cut-outs and illustrated sing-along lyrics. Watch animated music videos and purchase CDs and MP3s of A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree.

Here’s what people are saying about the album:

Our family has sung, danced, fallen asleep, crafted, baked, traveled
and snuggled with A Pink Whale, creating a space of peacefulness
and beauty around us. Shana’s music has sparked many conversations from my three year old about colors, islands, emotions, whale blow holes and tea parties! This is truly a family album. D.H. South Portland, Maine

I put A Pink Whale on, lay down on the couch and was taken away to my childhood island. Then I fell into a very deep and magical sleep. I awoke more rested and content than I’ve been in ages. A.R. Monmouth, Maine

My daughter listens to A Pink Whale every time she sleeps, which has greatly helped the whole routine become a lot less stressful. She quiets down and falls asleep listening to Shana’s big words and ideas. D.R. Duxbury, Massachusetts

I like the way Shana’s songs tell real stories. Lily, age 9

A Pink Whale is just so beautiful. It’s just fantastic. Beatrix, age 7


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