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President Obama, Hawaii in the news

Obama Dolls

Nancy Arcayna of the Honolulu Star Bulletin wrote a great story about the Obama dolls. Read it here.


News Story Features the Obama Dolls

Photo by Gabor Degres for The Bangor Daily NewsPhoto by Gabor Degre for The Bangor Daily News

Jessica Bloch of The Bangor Daily News wrote a great (front page!) story featuring the Obama Dolls. Click here to read.

The Presidential Couple at the Inauguration

Barack and Michelle Obama

These one-of-a-kind dolls by Shana Barry were created in honor of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and are ready to dance the night away at all the Inaugural balls. The nineteen-inch Michelle wears a shimmering red dress with a delicate strand of pearls. The twenty-inch President Obama dons a dashing custom tailored tuxedo. See more photos of the Obamas and more President Obama dolls, plus learn how they might dance into your life here.

President Obama, Superhero


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s “President Obama, Superhero,” wearing a skintight blue suit, red crime fighting boots and a flowing crimson cape that allows him to fly (OK, this doll doesn’t actually have the ability to fly…) See more photos.

“Superhero” has moved to Illinois.

President Obama, Team Captain

President Obama, Team Captain I had such a good time making my first Obama doll, I decided to make another! Here’s a link to more photos of “President Obama: Team Captain” wearing his red, white and blue basketball uniform.

“Team Captain” moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Obama: Leader of the Free World


What a wonderful time to be alive! An amazing moment in the history of the United States. Of the world. Finally, a politician and thinker who inspires and empowers us. A president restoring faith, hope and trust. A leader energizing and inspiring the people!

On a stormy night in early December here on this little island, on the border between Maine and Canada, listening to music and making art, I painted a face on a piece of cloth. When it was done, the face looked like someone who has been on my mind a lot lately. President Obama. Inspiration followed: I made my first doll when I was four, love to create dolls, why not make a President Obama doll?

The “Leader of the Free World”  Obama doll has moved to Illinois.

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