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The Fofer Show at Northstar

There will be a rare evening performance of The Fofer Show for a grown-up audience at Northstar Music Cafe in Portland this Saturday, October 3 at 8pm. Shana will perform with Plains.


The Bollard Review

Here’s another excellent review of A Pink Whale and a Very Tall Tree, Shana’s family album.

Beneath the Orange Glow

Beneath the Orange Glow

Underground tunnels, support systems unseen, water diverted and buried, moving, sometimes slowly sometimes rushing, steel and concrete, human-built masses clattering, ticking, crawling rats and a crocodile in the sewer. The painting measures 4 1/2 by 10 inches. $150.

Penelope the Funny Bear

Penelope the Funny Bear

Penelope the Pink Bear

The “Funny Bears” are 3-D wall hangings created by Shana Barry, with needle-felted Washington County wool and recycled sweaters. Their whimsical faces are sculpted with non-toxic clay.

Art for Sale

Most of the art you see here is available for purchase. Contact us if you’re interested! Our email is to your right.

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